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Sup guise, I heard you like rap. 2d6 is back with a new album to quench that rap-thirst.

“Hey Fartface,” (comma included in the title, suck it grammar nerds) the sophomore album from your favorite dice related hip-hop group, features collaborations from 1d2 aka Dynamo Dash, the Emerald Empire’s own Shubzilla, fellow Ohio nerd/rapper MC Cool Whip, and some dude we know named Grynamo Grash.

We have songs about pooping on dance floors, nostalgia for 1992, the downfalls of living life as a non-playable character, and many more. So, if only to mock us, go get yourself a copy of “Hey Fartface,” and throw that ish in the CD player (do people still use CDs? I don’t know, but I hope so.)

Oh yeah, also on our bandcamp, is a new re-mixed and re-recorded “Pat Benatar Told Us To Stop Doing This: The Remix – ‘Tar Harder” and our b-sides/live album “Burritos ‘Til I Die.” While you’re there, you should check those out too.